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  • Shape Shifting : change the way your body looks without changing your scale weight
  • Warrior Training : who want it all- speed, strength, size, endurance, flexibility and mobility
  • Aerobics : A classic method to build work capacity, endurance, lose weight and develop the heart
  • Zumba :  Using dance like rhythmic movements done to music, zumba makes getting in your workout fun
  • Yoga : The combination of flexibility, mobility and strength
  • Multifit : A series of movements using complexes and supersets and hit the whole body every session
  • Xpress Training : Here a very specific aesthetic target is set, and a specific time given to achieve it
  • Beginner’s Mind : Primarily consisting of breathing and seated meditations, this class will control stress and rejuvenate your mind
  • Spinning : This form of training puts less stress on the joints and will develop you leg strength as a bonus
  • Suspension Training : Perform bodyweight exercises of all sorts on the rings, including ab work, push ups, rows, chin ups and dips

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