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You shall comply with all applicable domestic laws, statutes, ordinances and regulations regarding your use of our service and your bidding on, listing, purchase, solicitation of offers to purchase, and sale of memberships.


Schemes, offers or any other campaign run on FLUID FITNESS web sites may require the visitor to provide some personally identifiable information such as full name, address, e-mail address, and phone number, in order to participate. FLUID FITNESS may use a reputable third party to manage and administer some or all of its sweepstakes and/or contests. This third party may have access to some or all of the personally identifiable information that is provided by the visitor in order to participate in the sweepstakes and/or contest. In those instances, the third party will be instructed by FLUID FITNESS to use the personally identifiable information in a limited manner and only for the specific purpose of the sweepstakes and/or contest related purpose for which it was requested, and in compliance with the FLUID FITNESS Privacy Policy. Most often this information is used only to select and contact winners of the sweepstakes and/or contests. Any other use of the personally identifiable information by the third party is strictly prohibited. Our sweepstakes and/or contests are targeted to individuals 18 years of age and older, and individuals under 18 years of age are not eligible to participate. FLUID FITNESS requires proof of age in order for an individual to collect any prizes awarded.

Individuals may only be a prize winner once in any sixty (60) day period.



NO REFUNDS shall be made for membership dues paid. If by reason of death or permanent disability, the member is unable to use the services or facilities of the club, he and his estate shall be relieved from the obligation of making payment for services other than that received prior to death or on the onset of disability, and that if he has prepaid any sums for services, so much of such sum as is allocable to service he has not received shall be promptly transferred to his representatives. The term “disability" means a condition which restricts the member from physically using the facilities, and such condition is verified by a physician and our in-house physiotherapist and "permanent” means for more than six months. No refunds will be given under any circumstances. No refunds / cancellations will be done for add-on facilities in the gym.

The buyer may cancel this agreement at any time prior to midnight on the second business day of the club after the date of this agreement. To cancel this agreement, buyer has to mail or deliver a copy of this agreement and a signed and dated notice which states that the buyer (member) as cancelling this agreement, or words of similar effect. Such a note shall be sent to FLUID FITNESS, corporate office at 143, Zamrudpur, Opposite N-Block, G.K–I, Delhi–110048, INDIA or the branch where the member has the membership.





FLUID FITNESS is committed to protecting the privacy of its visitors and has prepared the following statement to inform users how personally identifying information and non-personally identifying information is gathered from our website and used by FLUID FITNESS.IN. FLUID FITNESS encourages its website users to be smart about choosing when, and to whom, to release information online.



Whenever our Privacy Policy is modified we will notify you that changes have been made by updating the month, day, and year currently displayed beside the link to our privacy policy statement. This link is located at the bottom of each page within the FLUIDFITNESS.IN web site.



Children (persons under the age of 18) are not eligible to use the Site unsupervised and we request  that children do not submit any personal information to us. If you are under the age of 18, you may only use this Site in conjunction with and under the supervision of your parents or guardians.



Certain non-personally identifiable information about our visitors is collected by the standard operation of FLUIDFITNESS.IN internet servers and through the use of "cookie" technology (as described below), such as the type of internet browser you are using and the domain name of your internet service provider, where you go within the site, how much time you spend in any particular area and what you buy.



A "cookie" is a small amount of data that is sent to your browser from a web server and stored on your computer's hard drive. All sites on FLUIDFITNESS.IN where you are prompted to log-in or that are customizable by you require that you accept cookies. Generally, we use cookies to:

·         Remind us of who you are and to access your account information (stored on our computers) in order to deliver to you a better and more personalized service. This cookie is set when you register or "Sign In" and is modified when you "Sign Out" of our services. FLUIDFITNESS.IN also uses cookies to store your zip code for other services, such as facilitating your finding a FLUID FITNESS near you via the website.

·         Estimate our audience size. Each browser accessing FLUIDFITNESS.IN is given a unique cookie which is then used to determine the extent of repeat usage, usage by a registered user versus by an unregistered user, and to help target messages, promotions and ads based on user interests and behavior.

·         Assist us in tracking visits to and online memberships, and to process the memberships in your shopping basket. This information collected by cookies is sometimes called "click stream" or "click trail" and may also describe which pages you have seen in each part of the online store.

·         Track your progress and number of entries in some of our promotions, sweepstakes and contests. When a FLUID FITNESS - hosted promotion uses cookies, the information written to the cookie indicates the player's progress through the promotion, and may be used to track entries, submissions, and status in prize drawings.

·         Measure certain traffic patterns, which areas of the FLUIDFITNESS.IN web site you have visited, and your visiting patterns in the aggregate. We use this research to understand how our users' habits are similar or different from one another so that we can make each new experience on FLUIDFITNESS.IN a better one. We may use this information to better personalize the content, banners, and promotions that you and other users will see on our sites.

Advertisers that serve ads onto FLUIDFITNESS.IN may also use their own cookies. You agree that we may use your personal information to contact you and deliver information to you that, in some cases, are targeted to your interests, such as targeted banner advertisements, administrative notices, product offerings, and communications relevant to your use of the Site. By accepting the User Agreement and Privacy Policy, you expressly agree to receive this information. If you do not wish to receive these communications, we encourage you to opt out of the receipt of certain communications. You may make changes to your notification preferences at any time.

You have choices with respect to cookies. By modifying your browser preferences, you have the choice to accept all cookies, to be notified when a cookie is set, or to reject all cookies. If you choose to reject all cookies you will be unable to use those FLUIDFITNESS.IN services that require registration in order to participate. These services include (but are not limited to): participating in any loyalty or incentive programs, signing up for free passes, etc.

Information collected by the standard operation of FLUIDFITNESS.IN's internet servers and through the use of cookies is analyzed by FLUIDFITNESS.IN only in aggregate form and is used to improve the content of our website, to tailor the content and/or layout to consumer trends and to notify users about updates to the site. FLUID FITNESS reserves the right to disclose or otherwise utilize this information in aggregate form, for any purpose, in its sole judgment.

Log data collected on web servers both within FLUID FITNESS’s control and under the confidential control of FLUID FITNESS’s third party ad service provider(s) supplies FLUIDFITNESS.IN with aggregate information about the number of visits to different pages on our site. This information is not personally identifiable information and is used by FLUID FITNESS to improve the content of our website.


FLUIDFITNESS.IN also gathers personally identifiable information (such as your name, street address, telephone number, Credit Card number, Account number, card Credit numbers and e-mail address) from voluntary submissions as part of site registration, guest passes, member referrals, contests, and other online promotions, when you place an order for memberships, complete a survey that we use for research purposes, or when you report a problem with our site or one of our services. Also, if you contact FLUID FITNESS Online, we may keep a record of that correspondence. Personal information supplied by you at the time of your visit to any of the FLUID FITNESS outlets, may also be uploaded on the data server of FLUID FITNESS, and used there after by FLUID FITNESS to contact you or offer you the best of their services. Such information is only known to FLUIDFITNESS.IN when it is voluntarily submitted or posted to us. Wherever FLUIDFITNESS.IN collects personally identifiable information we make an effort to include a link to this Privacy Policy on that page.

Personally identifiable information will be used by FLUIDFITNESS.IN only: (1) to process your requests (e.g., register you for a contest or sweepstakes or fulfill your merchandise order); (2) to communicate with you or personalize the site based on your stated interests and preferences or make related offers to you; (3) to administer the site or serve you when you have questions or problems; and/or (4) as may, in FLUID FITNESS's sole judgment, be required by any applicable laws, rules or regulations or the Terms and Conditions applicable to this website.

Personally identifiable information will only be shared with third parties to further the purpose for which you provide such information (e.g., to process your subscription request or merchandise order) or when we believe in good faith that the law requires it, or to protect the rights of FLUID FITNESS or its affiliates or subscribers.




FLUID FITNESS strives to offer its visitors a secure and safe environment for credit card purchases. Some of the shopping and fulfillment services offered on FLUIDFITNESS.IN may be operated by third party shopping partners.

They collect personally identifiable information necessary to accept, process and activate your ordered memberships on behalf of FLUID FITNESS to provide you with information you may request and updates on the status of your order, and to assist your purchasing experience. Our shopping partners collect personally identifiable information from you by "active" means, whereby you actively give our shopping partners, as FLUID FITNESS‘s agents, that information when ordering memberships and/or merchandise etc..

Personally identifiable information entered into any of the FLUIDFITNESS.IN shopping services is used only to complete your transaction and never revealed to others or used by our shopping partners for any purpose not authorized by FLUID FITNESS.

Credit card information provided to buy merchandise is used solely to determine that your card is valid, that sufficient credit is available to pay for the purchase and to apply the cost of your purchase to your card when the memberships are booked or merchandises are purchased. Credit card information you provide is transmitted across the Internet securely using encryption from your browser to our shopping partners' secure order processing systems. Some versions of browsers and firewalls do not permit connection to secure servers. In such cases, you will not be able to connect to the server and therefore won't be able to place an order through a secure connection. While no method is completely impenetrable, our shopping partners utilize state-of-the-art encryption technology used in e-commerce today. Unfortunately, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. Consequently, while our shopping partners are committed to protecting your personal information, they cannot entirely ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit to them.

Please be aware that FLUIDFITNESS.IN advertisers or web sites that have links on our site may collect personally identifiable information about you. The information practices of those web sites linked to FLUIDFITNESS.IN are not covered by this privacy policy.

External Service Providers. There are a number of separate services offered by third parties that we refer to as external service providers that may be complimentary to your use of the Site (e.g. merchandise providers, shipping, packaging). If you choose to use these separate services, disclose information to the external service providers, and/or grant them permission to collect information about you, then their use of your information is governed by their privacy policy. We do not disclose your personal information to external service providers unless you provide your explicit consent. With your consent we may provide some of your personal information to the external service provider offering such services, for your convenience. To prevent our disclosure of your personal information to an external service provider, you can decline such consent or simply not use their services. Because we do not control the privacy practices of these third parties, you should evaluate their practices before deciding to use their services. Users who register on a FLUID FITNESS co-branded web site grant FLUID FITNESS permission to pass your email address back to that co-branded web site. The use of your email address by the co-brand web sites is limited by their applicable privacy policies.

Internal Service Providers for Our Operations. We may use third parties that we refer to as internal service providers to facilitate or outsource one or more aspects of the business, product and service operations that we provide to you and therefore we may provide some of your personal information directly to these internal service providers. These internal service providers are subject to confidentiality agreements with us and other legal restrictions that prohibit their use of the information we provide them for any other purpose except to facilitate the specific outsourced FLUID FITNESS related operation, unless you have explicitly agreed or given your prior permission to them for additional uses. In some instances, the internal service provider may collect information directly from you (such as for FLUID FITNESS surveys or for a co-branded credit card). In these cases, you will be notified of the involvement of the internal service provider, and all additional information you provide them and their additional uses will be strictly on your own accord. If you provide additional information to an internal service provider directly, then their use of your personal information is governed by their applicable privacy policy. Note that you might be on a mailing list for one or more of our independent franchised gym operators, so please contact them directly to remove your name from local mailing lists.



Unfortunately, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. As a result, while we strive to protect your personal information, FLUIDFITNESS.IN cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit to us or from our online products or services, and you do so at your own risk. Once we receive your transmission, we use reasonable efforts and endeavours to ensure that collected personally identifiable information is secure and not readily accessible to unapproved individuals or third parties. FLUIDFITNESS.IN has limited the number of people who have physical access to our database servers and has implemented electronic security systems and password protections which help further guard against unauthorized access.

Due to the existing regulatory environment, we cannot ensure that all of your private communications and other personal information will never be disclosed in ways not otherwise described in this Privacy Policy. By way of example (without limiting the foregoing), we may be forced to disclose personal information to the government or third parties under certain circumstances, third parties may unlawfully intercept or access transmissions or private communications, or such unlawfull users may abuse or misuse your personal information that they collect from the Site. Therefore, although we use industry standard practices to protect your privacy to the best of our efforts and endeavours. FLUIDFITNESS will not be liable for any leak of information and/or hacking.


I Hereby apply for membership & agree that I will abide by the rules & regulations of FLUID. I have read and under stood
the rules & regulations which apply to FLUID. I hereby confirm that the information I have given in this application form is
correct. In the event of false information my membership may be cancelled immediately.

Declaration Form:

Use of Fluid-The Fitness Religion is purely at your own risk. The management will not be held responsible under any
circumstances for any injury(ies) that may be caused or loss of property that may be occasioned pursuant to the use of Fluid.

I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understood the rules and regulation of Fluid-The Fitness Religion and I have
agreed to adhere to these terms and conditions.

I the undersigned hereby undertake to follow the laid down rules and regulation of Fluid and shall use the facility at my own

Clinical Status : Pulse:……………….. B.P.:……………….. Height (cms) ………………….. Weight (kg)…………………….

Health Concern (If any) which stops you in indulging in a rigorous fitness routine NA Yes*

*Kindly submit a fitness certificate from a authorized Doctor / Hospital.

Release Form:

I/We hereby release Fluid, its promoters/directors/affiliates/officers/agents and employees from any claims, actions, costs,
losses damages and/or expenses including attorneys, fees that I/we might have now or in future for any injuries or damage
arising out of or in any manner resulting from the use of exercise equipment or other facilities in Fluid. Such release is to be
binding upon my heirs, successors and assigns. I/We are fully knowledgeable as to the proper use of these facilities as well as
to my/our own physical limitations and I/we agree to indemnify and keep indemnified the management of Fluid against
any and all claims whatsoever or loss of damage to property whatsoever.
a fitness certificate from a authorized Doctor / Hospital.



To provide and make available to members of Fluid, bonafide guests, fitness, health and recreational facilities and to promote and
encourage physical fitness and a healthy environment.


1.Any person(s) will become the member of Fluid by paying the appropriate membership fee(s) and after the decision of the
membership selection committee. Membership will then be valid for a prescribed time period depending upon the registration fees
submitted by the member on a date-to-date basis.
2· The Membership fees are payable in advance which is non-transferable and all fee(s) paid are non refundable.
3· Members will be required to produce their membership card for admission to the premises. The members will also be required to
register for guest, if any.
4· Management reserves the right to restrict entry to / or remove from Fluid’s premises / any person(s) whose character, appearance,
manner or conduct is demonstrated to be unacceptable to the management.
5· Management cannot be held liable for loss of any valuable or other personal property left in the locker, or anywhere
in the premises of Fluid.
6· Should a membership card be stolen or lost, the member should immediately notify the management.
The new membership card will be issued and a charge of Rs.500 will be levied for issuing a duplicate card.

Termination of Membership:

1.The management shall have absolute discretion as to whether a person shall become or remain a member of the club and shall have
the right to expel or terminate the membership of any member for any reason which shall seem to the management to be necessary
and sufficient, without any explanation being given.
2.The Management reserve all rights pertaining to Membership and registration polices and will be authorized to make any changes /
modifications in the policies as deemed necessary from time to time without any prior notice.

Time Schedule:

1.Fluid will be open for members between 6.30 AM to 9.30 PM. However a prescribed time restricted to once a day will be
allotted to each member as per the policies and consensus of the member at the time of the registration.
2.Any changes in the time schedule will be completely at the discretion of the management and also in accordance with the time
bands of other groups/members.
3.Fluid will be open for Six days in a week.


1.Fluid will offer no medical counseling and members will have to produce a fitness certificate from a authorized Doctor / Hospital
before registering themselves with Fluid.
2.In no circumstances Fluid will be responsible for any health related problem pertaining to exercise schedule or rigorous workout in
the Fitness Center. The Members will however will be given an exercise and the diet schedule based on the requirements.
3.To protect the interests of all members, the management will reserve the right to discontinue registration in case of members suffering
from any sort of communicable diseases.
4.For personal hygiene members need to use their own body/hand towels during the use of Fitness Center.
5.The members will have to carry their separate shoes/sneakers for the use.


1.The members at all time will have to adhere to discipline norms and will have to accept the standard disciplinary rules pertaining to the
usage of Fluid and all the facilities offered by Fluid.
2.Fluid is a No Smoking Zone and any offence in this category will invite serious action.
3.The members will be fully responsible for any damage done inside Fluid’s premises.
4.Consumption of Alcoholic substances inside the premises will also call for strict action and will be dealt strongly. Management will
reserve all rights to cancel any Membership on the basis of any offence of this category.
5.Appropriate attire (sports clothing and athletic footwear) must be worn in the premises of Fluid.
6.Food and beverages items are not permitted in Fluid’s premises. However, the above can be bought and consumed at Bubbles only.

Any conflict, if arise, shall be settled in Delhi under the jurisdiction of Delhi High Court.

CONTACT INFORMATION If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding FLUID FITNESS privacy policy and/or practices, write to us at


143, Zamrudpur,

Opposite N – Block,

G.K–I, Delhi – 110048


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