Strength Training Workshops

Understand the science and art that is strength training. Learn about the basic principles that govern strength increases, how to plan your training and how to structure your exercises for best results. Understand exercise selection and how to modify exercise performance for better results. Understand how to balance various parts of your routine and juggle various objectives in a training year. All our sessions are taken by experts in the field and last 6 hours. You will receive a certificate and a summary handout of the knowledge that was givenSign Up


In this workshop we explain the theoretical basis for aerobic training and how to measure heart health. Learn how to tailor aerobic routines for fat loss, weight loss, preserving muscle mass, improving work capacity and improving heart health. Understand the benefits and disadvantages of various types of aerobic exercises and be introduced to new workout tools. You will receive a certificate and a summary handout of the knowledge that was givenSign Up

Fat Loss Workshops

Learn the principles of fat loss. Understand how the endocrine system works and how to utilize it for maximum fatloss. Understand how to regulate your exercise and lifestyle to get lean. Learn the basic principles of constructing a diet and how to organize a diet so as to lose the most fat. Learn how to eat healthy for life and prevent rebound fat gain. Each workshop lasts 3 hoursSign Up

Body Weight Exercise Workshop

Correct training without equipment is a lost art. Today calisthenics has been relegated to warm ups and high repetition work. Learn the art of progressive bodyweight training- how to use bodyweight exercises only to maximize your potential and get stronger, faster and fitter. Learn the fundamental bodyweight movements and their regressions and progressions. Learn how to program them so as to ensure long term success. Understand how to troubleshoot your routines. This is a 2 day 10 hour course. You will receive a certificate and a summary handout of the knowledge that was givenSign Up

High School Workshops

We offer workshops to be held in schools, targeted at educating youngsters on how to exercise correctly, how to improve athletic performance and how to develop good habits for lift. This is a 2 hour seminarSign Up

Injury & Pain Management

Injury and pain can be debilitating, and once you are done with physiotherapy, you still have to find a way to get back in shape so that it does not happen again. Learn how to get back into exercise and how to structure routines that prevent injuries in the first place. Understand how the body is interdependent. Balance your routine and build your ligaments, tendons and joints. Improve the ability of the body to sustain impact. The class lasts four hoursSign Up